Tijuana, Mexico
November 13-14, 2017

International BtoB Forum for Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing Workshops
November 3rd, 2015




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10:45am - 11:15am

““Discover Multi-CAM “Adaptive” Post-Processing & Machine Simulation””


Morty Smolash, VP Sales North America, ICAM Technologies Corp.

  • Reduce programming time and reduce the machining cycle by automatically “Adapting” the part tool-path created by the CAM system to a specific machine tool
  • Stop wasting time and money making multiple post-processors for each of your CAM systems, when you can create one post-processor supporting all of them
What is Adaptive Post-Processing and Machine Simulation? The classic manufacturing solution requires various iterative steps between the CAM system, post-processor, G-code machine simulator until the NC program is ready for the CNC machine. This iterative process works, but takes time, leaves room for many human mistakes and doesn’t offer any real flexibility in moving a job to differing machines. ICAM offers “Adaptive” post-processing & simulation that provides a unique environment for post-processing, tool-path optimization and simulation – all in one single step! This new innovative process allows programmers to concentrate their efforts on defining the best tool-path strategy in part context while it automatically adapts and optimizes the tool-path based on the machine tool context.
11:20am- 11:50am

“Design and Manufacturing of Aerodynamic and Hot Section Fabric Reinforced Seals and Thermal Insulation”

Gabriel Garcia, Engineering Manager, Hutchinson


Session to describe the different type of seals and thermal insulations manufactured in the Ensenada facility, their applications in the field, as well as manufacturing capabilities and engineering resources for project management, product design and qualification.

11:55am - 12:25pm

“Design for the freedom of additive manufacturing”

Russell Vernon, Application Engineer, Altair


When topology optimization is utilized to generate designs for additive manufacturing, many exciting new benefits present themselves (lightweight parts, stronger parts, no wasted materials, cost savings, etc.). This presentation will answer a number of questions. What is topology optimization? Why does topology optimization makes sense for additive manufacturing? How does topology optimization work? Who has been applying topology optimization? Why should topology optimization be on a designer’s desktop? What are the future opportunities? This presentation will include multiple real-world examples of companies using topology optimization to design for and enhance the benefits of additive manufacturing.

02:00pm – 02:30pm

“Developments and Challenges in Testing, Inspection, and Quality Assurance of AdditiveManufacturing Processes and Manufactured Products”

Prabir Chaudhury, Exova Inc.


Advent of metal 3D printing or Additive Manufacturing has opened a new, agile, cutting edge technology that is projected to have unprecedented advances in manufacturing. Current R&D and limited productions have proven the technology to be real and revolutionary, especially because of the ability to produce very complex, functional parts without tooling in a very short time. In order to integrate these advanced manufacturing processes to various industries, it is vitally important to assure consistent manufacturing processes as well as products to be consistent and high quality. Because of the revolutionary nature of the additive manufacturing, quality assurance, reliability and reproducibility of the processes and the generated products need to be developed accordingly, especially as more complex parts are produced. This workshop will discuss the current and future developments and challenges in testing, inspection, and quality assurance approaches in various industries.

02:35pm – 03:05pm

“Automated CFRP production of the future”

Jens Kühl, Managing Director, SAERTEX Stade GmbH & Co. KG


To meet the future needs in quantity and quality it is necessary to have an automated production to be effective. SAERTEX developed a fully automated process to build CFRP aircraft parts in infusion technology. The cutting and handling of textile blanks will be done by robots. Microwave technology will be used for preforming and the vacuum and resin supply will be computer controlled to reduce waste. The demoulding and tool cleaning will be done by robots. This process secures a high level of reproducible and quality at proper cost efficiency.

03:10pm – 03:40pm

“IMS Manufacturing Technology Platform Program: Global Research and Business Innovation Networks”


David Romero, International Coach, Intelligent Manufacturing Systems


The Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) is an industry-led, international business innovation and research and development program established to develop the next generation manufacturing and processing technologies through multi-lateral collaboration. The IMS network is composed by 31 countries and provides a Manufacturing Technology Platform that facilitates the access to international resources, technologies and markets through two types of approaches to research, development and innovation (RDI): top-down technology push innovation and bottom-up driven value generation. IMS partners are enabled to design and launch global partnerships in a way that is consistent with their business plans, innovation strategies and long-term resource development ideas so they can successfully collaborate to build competitive advantages.

03:45 pm-

04:15 pm

“Industrial Applications with an Electron Beam Accelerator: Medical Device Sterilization and Polymer Cross-Linking”

Macario Moreno de Matías, General Manager, Avantti Mediclear

María Garmendia Haro, Project Development Manager, Avantti Mediclear


A detailed slideshow on the radiation process with an electron particle accelerator (E-Beam) for:

  • Sterilization of medical devices, considering an analysis of different types of radiation techniques/processes, ionizing radiation, the characteristics and pertinent safety considerations. Additionally, an analysis on the application of the ISO13485 y la ISO11137 certifications; highlighting compliance issues as well as verification procedures, which will be identical as to other similar plants located in other geographies throughout the world.
  • Cross-linking of polymer materials and their feasible applications for the aerospace industry.
In conclusion, the presentation will outline the possibilities and benefits on the use of electron beam innovative technology focused on two of the most important and growing industries (clusters), which have been deemed strategic, in the State of Baja California, Mexico.

04:20 pm-

04:50 pm

“From rapid prototyping to additive manufacturing: some applications from the National Laboratory of Additive Manufacturing, 3D Digitalization & Computerized Tomography MADiT”

Leopoldo Ruiz Huerta, Dr. in Mobile Engineering , National Laboratory of Additive Manufacture, 3D Digitalization & Computerized Tomography, Center of Applied Sciences and Technological Development, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México UNAM


Los conceptos de Manufactura Aditiva (también conocida como 3D Printing), Digitalización 3D (escaneo en tres dimensiones) y Tomografía Computarizada por Rayos X, han cobrado popularidad en años recientes debido a su potencial de aplicaciones que se expande a temas médicos, biológicos, marinos, materiales, entre muchos otros etc.

El Laboratorio Nacional de Manufactura Aditiva, Digitalización 3D y Tomografía Computarizada (MADiT), que se ubica en el CCADET y es el resultado del esfuerzo de varias dependencias UNAM y otras instituciones externas; se consolida en el año 2014 con la finalidad de fortalecer las actividades de Investigación y Desarrollo Tecnológico que ocurren en el país y que requieran dicha infraestructura para su materialización.

Durante la presentación se abordarán los aspectos de la infraestructura y capacidades con que se cuenta y algunas aplicaciones desarrolladas en el propio MADiT, que van desde las aplicaciones de preservación de material histórico y cultural, pasando por actividades paleontológicas y sus aplicaciones en manufactura de baja a mediana escala.


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