Tijuana, Mexico
November 13-14, 2017

International BtoB Forum for Advanced Manufacturing

Why Baja California

Baja California Manufacturing Industry

Baja California is located in the northwest corner of Mexico. The State is connected to the Pacific Basin and immediate proximity to San Diego and California. The area is also one of Mexico’s top industrial states with a prosperous manufacturing industry.

Since the 1960´s, Baja California has been home to world class manufacturing companies such as Honeywell, UTC Aerospace, Bourns, Plantronics, Panasonic, Samsung, Rockell Collins, Medtronic and many more. Baja Calfornia is currently set on a path to become an innovation-driven production capital of Latin-America, with significant supply chain opportunities.

Today the State enjoys a large presence of world renowned companies in medical device manufacturing, aerospace and defense, applied electronics and automotive already based in the area.


Baja California represents great business opportunity in the following areas:

High precision machining
Heat treatment
Castings & forges
Harnesses manufacturing
Structure design
Metal structure manufacture
Aluminum extrusion
Sheet metal, among others

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